50​,​000 Words For Snow

by True Margrit

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Why does the caged poet sing? What and how does she sing? Let me count the ways. The words, names, numbers, slip sneakily through the bars off into the night. Each day dawns with the challenge and charge of having more to say. Always more. And in honor of this rampant multiplicity, there's a sub-genre in the True Margrit Catalog--the "number songs". On our 2010 album, "The Juggler's Progress" we had: "500 Years" and "50,000 Names." On our upcoming album we will feature "The 500 Block of A Thousand Oaks" and the mathematical-metaphor-laden, "Obvious Solutions". Mmm, mathy.

It’s not a brand new trope--long ago, in 1999 we released "Deceptively True" which included "The Thirty Words for Snow" So, imagine my surprise to hear that one of my very favorite artistes of all time--the one and only, illustrious, fabulous Kate Bush-- has a new album dropping this very month called, "50 Words for Snow"!! Whoa. What are the odds? 50,000 to 1? Thus, on the magical date of 11/11/11 (All ones! Nothing is bigger than one!), we offer a special free download "single" called: 50,000 Words For Snow and you get: TWO SONGS FREE-- "The Thirty Words for Snow" AND "50,000 Names".

The number for the price is zero. A zero. It's a circle. It has no beginning, middle, or end. It goes on forever, it is eternal, it never stops. But it never starts. It mysteriously contains the entirety of the ever-expanding cosmos. It holds the great nothingness of the void. It will afford you hours of entertainment. And scare the bejesus out of you. And lead you gently home.

There's so much more to say--but I'm trying to keep it to fifty thousand words or less.


released November 11, 2011


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True Margrit San Francisco

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Track Name: 50,000 Names
everything you saw obeys a natural law
that is somehow flawed
the stream of time might get dammed up
make your empty look like half a cup

reason comprehends
beginning middle end it can’t suspend
the disbelief that cells & bones
somehow fit into alternate zones

inventing space where there’s no place
how can you be standing with your hand out
catching the rain that does not exist
inventing 50,000 lists

crawling from the sea seven days a week
makes it hard to reach
past the dunes where more evolved
creatures count on fingers to problem solve

inventing tools for breaking the rules
easier than banging rocks together
shivering waiting for the flame
inventing 50,000 names

it’s lonely and it’s dull here inside this skull
unless you’re inventing rules for breaking the tools
rearranging time & space to satisfy
all your situations and tastes

inventing 50,000 fates
Track Name: The Thirty Words For Snow
in northern lands you gotta know
the thirty words for snow
sometimes it melts away so fast
when you want to last

softly how it lies on the earth
in helpless surrender

but don’t curse the sun
the spring made it show
you only have one word for snow

it’s up to you to conjure clouds
and coax their treasure down
every storm that never falls
would come if you could call

softly whisper an imperfect name
never are there two the same

but don’t curse the sun
the spring made it show
you only have one word for snow

you will walk through desert heat
never will you see
that exact splintered light
over fields of white

softy how you lay entwined
with a season so rare to find

but don’t curse the sun
the spring made it show
you only have one word for snow
one word for snow